Power Steering Conversion

Complete inline 6 Power Steering Kit

Camaro's jacked for the conversion
It was quite a decision to drop the manual steering for power. Manual offers excellent control at crusin' and highway speeds but power steering is very responsive overall, especially at parking lot speeds. Based on the intended daily driver purposes, Turbo Camaro deserved the swap to power steering.

Gearbox removed, but not forgotten

If you really dig into this topic it's easy to discover a variety of options for the swap. You can acquire an original power steering setup on forums or sites like eBay. You can use original parts but substitute the gearbox for the ever popular IROC Camaro model with a tighter  lock to lock and steering ratio. The third, and perhaps most tempting choice is to invest in a modern rack and pinion conversion kit. The rack will improve handling as it brings your ride into the realm of newer technology and drains your bank account at the same time. 
Factory manual steering gearbox

After some deliberation, the cheapest and easiest option was selected. The 67' Camaro factory restored complete power steering kit was purchased off eBay for $350US. The kit had to be for a Chevy 250 inline 6 as that is the desired power plant for this project. The kit included a restored gearbox, pump, rag joint and all original brackets. All the original components were removed and the new ones put in their place. The only part not included was a belt for the pump, but the seller couldn't have known the size required so it was forgivable.

New power gearbox installed

New power steering pump installed
Even though a rack and pinion system would have been nice, it wasn't in the budget and their's something nice about giving a car a factory option it never had. Luckily the popularity of these vehicles isn't going down so modern technology is constantly being adapted for them. Perhaps an even better steering system will emerge and the budget will allow for an upgrade. 

Unfortunately the swap from manual to power steering wasn't filmed. Several photos were obtained and will be posted here. If it makes you feel any better, you can click the images for a fancy full size slideshow mode.

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