AN Lines

Weld-less drain fitting for oil pan
Turbocharger oil feed and drain line
Toward the end of the rebuild, you'll be hit with a list if parts you need from your local auto shop. Things like clamps, hoses, belts, and paint are common on this list. Some parts can be cleaned up and reused but with parts like rubber hoses, they can look alright on the outside but have cracks on the inside. If you have rubber lines carrying fuel or oil you should consider swapping them out with at least new rubber, if not something better.

That's where stainless AN lines (Army/Navy) come in. These lines are usually rubber, just like stock, but with a stainless mesh cover and interchangeable aluminum connectors. Turbo Camaro has a new all black fuel pump to carburetor line, turbocharger to oil pan drain line and a oil supply to turbocharger line. The lines and extra fittings were purchased off everyone favorite auction site, eBay. The prices are fair and after extensive evaluation, seem to be of great quality. The hose appears to be the same grade as local store bought and the fittings are powder coated and well machined. Since they are imported, the most likely flaw would be in the finish durability but once they are installed they won't see much wear.
Fuel pump to carburetor line

Overall, these lines are a trivial expense but play a large role in the longevity of an engine build. A common automotive hose is pennies a foot, but will cost you a lot more if it fails. Their are only a few hoses on these antique engines, invest in quality lines and you can drive worry free (about your lines at least).

Final installation images and updates will be added here as it is completed.

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