Sound Deadening

Have you ever noticed most new cars are quiet? It doesn't matter whether you test drive a brand new sports car or the latest SUV,  they are quiet inside and out. Of course this is compared to a stock pre-80's anything. Classic cars weren't given space age rubber and plastics capable of vibration dampening and decibel drowning. Even with perfect seals and crisp weatherstripping the sound will find its way in these metallic masterpieces.

Your only real option is to invest in some sound deadening materials. This topic isn't a 10 minute read, you can literally spend days of your life researching the pros and cons of deadening. You'll learn about decibels, frequencies, vibrations, temperature changes, foil, rubber and a variety of plastics and combinations of everything. You'll even find people who have plastered roofing compounds over their entire ride. Turbo Camaro gets its fair share of budget projects, but it'll never get that bad.

Late 2015, 76 square feet of black Noico self-adhesive foil & butyl sound deadening was purchased for a future install video. 76 sq. ft. should be just enough to do the entire passenger compartment and trunk. Unfortunately, Canada had a cool winter and the butyl requires a warm day for installation. So, the deadener stays in the box along side a new headliner and windlace moldings. 

Stay tuned...

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