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turbo 67 chevy camaro

Follow along and witness a transformation as this base model 1967 Chevrolet Camaro receives custom fabrication and modern styling all backed by a turbocharged alcohol fueled 250 cubic inch inline 6 engine. No big sponsors or corporate bill folds, every project is completed by one man on a family sized budget. Since 2007, this has been a work in progress, but in 2016, things are just getting interesting.

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The Build Sheet

turbo camaro build sheet

The heart and soul of this site! Check out this complex grid of Turbo Camaro information. Every project being done to the car from changing a light bulb to rebuilding the engine is documented and narrated for your reading pleasure. See exclusive how-to articles, part reviews and information, diagrams and endless semi-educated opinions on everything related to classic muscle cars.

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