The Engine Bay

Turbo Camaro's engine bay is disgusting
Check out that thick sludge on the frame
The engine bay of a car is a very underrated area of any vehicle. The bay holds your prized engine and its components while getting splashed with oil, coolant and sometimes fuel. If you ever get a chance to give this area a little attention, do it as the opportunity doesn't come often.

Even though Turbo Camaro is designed as a daily driver, the desire to have it look good is still there. The inline 6 engine was pulled for a rebuild and upgrade back in October 2015, so the bay has been sitting empty for a few months.

The bay was caked with Super Clean degreaser and left to marinate. Once the nastiness had lifted, it was blasted out with a pressure washer. Check out the following video to see the rest of the process.

A little Satin Black VHT paint and it looks great
The outcome was excellent. The satin black VHT Chassis & Roll Bar paint went on smooth and provided great coverage in only 2 coats. As mentioned in the video, the results could always be better but considering only $25 was spent on the materials and about 4 hours worth of work, it couldn't be better. Now it's time to put an engine in there.

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