Tail & Turn LEDs

27 LED amber colored 1157 Bulb
20 LED "RapidFire" brake light kit
Turbo Camaro is all about DIY modern technology in a daily driver. Part of the modern technology includes electrical system, safety and cosmetic upgrades. Just like upgrading to LED interior lighting, replacing your exterior bulbs is all of the above.

It's very easy to find replacements for Camaro signal, brake and reverse light bulbs. The 67' Camaro doesn't have side marker or dedicated fog lights, but they'd be easy to source too. Ensuring your signals are bright is important, but probably not as important for your safety as the brake and reverse lights. Increasing visibility during day and night driving is paramount to a smooth drive. Stock bulbs work, but their is room for improvement.

Stock reverse lights
New "super white" LED lights
Turbo Camaro's brake/Signal bulb was replaced with a 20 LED RapidFire panel. That's 20 LED's to replace 1 stock bulb. Not only are they significantly brighter than the stock bulb, but they fill the entire red lens, and with every depress of the brake pedal, blink on, off and on rapidly to ensure the motorist behind you is paying attention. The same panel blinks rapidly when signalling as well. This is one of the most useful safety features installed on Turbo Camaro. Retail price on this kit is about $99US.

The front turn signal/fog bulbs are a regular white bulb with an orange coating on the glass.
New amber LED signal lights
These stock bulbs are fairly bright and work well, but get very hot and arn't nearly as efficient as a multi-LED version. The bright orange LED bulb shown to the right is an example of a good replacement. color choice is important, make sure you select a bright orange as a darker one like shown won't pop as much as others.

What about reverse lights? LED is whiter and brighter than the stock bulbs. Find a white bulb similar to the orange one on this page and simply twist it in. You can see the before and after difference to the right. You could use them as headlights at night if you had a desire to drive around in reverse.

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