Fuel Pump

Turbo Camaro's fuel pump pre-rebuild
A turbocharged engine could easily run with the stock mechanical fuel pump if you never went into boost. However, for those of us that want to actually use the components we install, the stock fuel pump won't keep up. Their are only a few options to get around the stock pump limitations:
  • Purchase a high volume mechanical fuel pump. The advantage to this option is you can keep your engine looking stock, without adding any electrical devices to your system. As an example, the Airtex 42152 Mechanical Pump is a direct swap and can operate between 6.5-8 PSI. That means you could run around 8 pounds of boost before your fuel pump will fall behind. The Airtex pump goes for around $18US.
  • Convert a small block Carter Super Strip (M4891) to fit in place of the stock pump. The super strip pump is capable of 9.5 PSI and it takes very little to make it work. Check out this page for more information. The Carter pump goes for around $72US.
  • Take the stock pump, the Airtex or Carter pump mentioned above and boost reference it. Essentially you run a boosted line from the intake and feed it into the carb. The pressurized line literally pushes fuel at the current PSI up from the pump to the carburetor. This method is by far the cheapest but does require you to modify the pump. A boost referenced pump can function fine between 10-14 PSI so if you plan to go higher be ready to take option #4. 
  • Purchase an electric fuel pump. It's the most expensive and most difficult to install, but electric pumps are dependable and come with more than enough power to feed your turbocharged system. Plug the details of your engine into Summit or Jegs and you'll find a great selection of electric pumps to meet your goals. 
Delphi MF0019 Fuel Pump
Pump diagram - similar to stock
If you've been following the build sheet articles, you've probably already guessed the stock fuel pump (Delphi MF0019) will be getting boost referenced. The page mentioned above explains the Carter pump conversion and briefly explains how to boost reference the pump. You simply insert a small tube/pipe/line into the vent hole below the diaphragm and run it to a pressurized intake line. Take a look at that page for more information. 

April 2016, the stock mechanical pump was boost referenced using the above method. An 3/8" nylon outlet from a Spectre fuel filter was used as a hose nipple inlet. A hole was drilled in the pump below the diaphragm, and the inlet was attached with JB Weld. The stock vent holes were sealed with JB Weld. The procedure was filmed and posted below.

The modified boost referenced mechanical pump was used for approximately 1 year without issue. The pump was run up to approximately 8 PSI boost with no indication of fuel starvation. The only reason it was removed was to install the Holley Sniper EFI Throttle Body and Master Kit (inline electric fuel pump setup). If you have any questions about the use or modification of this pump, feel free to contact us at

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