Alcohol Injection

DevilsOwn Alcohol Injection Kit with 300PSI Pump
and all required cabling and hardware
Have you ever said "I'm considering adding alcohol injection into my vehicle" to a friend or group of co-workers? Alcohol/Water injection has been around for decades and most people associate the technology to jet engine aircraft and high performance funny cars. You'll hear people scoff at the idea and ask the dubious question "why do you want to inject alcohol and/or water?"

A DevilsOwn Stage 1 Alcohol Injection kit was bought to use in Turbo Camaro. Initially, the kit was purchased for the ability to inject water. Water injection on it's own helps keep the intake flow passages clean while it cools the air, causing an increase in power and a reduction in detonation. Injecting a mixture of water and Methanol (alcohol), or simply injecting straight Methanol increases the above as well as your octane rating.

Tubing, wiring harness, check
valve, nozzles, pressure switch
and a tank tap. 
The current plan for the DevilsOwn kit is to inject water during the initial tuning phase and once the car is running stable, inject a 50/50 mixture of water/methanol. It's possible the mix ratio will be adjusted in the future to include more or less methanol.

If you're interested in stats and some part bragging, the DevilsOwn website spouts the following benefits of its injection kits:
  • Increased horsepower safely by 10-15%
  • Lowered air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees
  • Decreased cylinder temperatures up to 300 degrees
  • Reduced effects of heat soak in warmer climates
  • Allowable running of more boost and timing safely
  • Reduced carbon and assistance maintaining a clean combustion chamber
  • Increased octane at user programmable boost levels

A video of the DevilsOwn kit install is planned for 2016. Further documentation and media will be added here.

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