Seat Belts

67' Camaro stock retractable lap belts.
It doesn't matter if you drive a classic muscle car or a modern van, they all have seat belts. Turbo Camaro only has lap belts as shoulder belts weren't ordered. The original belts had been swapped with junk yard specials a couple decades ago. It was obvious "new" belts were needed but so many options exist it's tough to decide. A harness system could be a future proof idea, but a little excessive for daily driver use. Modern belts come with red tape as a lot of them are sold with matching shoulder straps and splitting the set can become a legality. Aftermarket muscle car inspired belts are sold in droves but will they hold up to the cool factor of original belts.
Black belts with chrome "airplane" style buckles

It was decided a set of original, lap only retractable belts would be obtained for the front seats and stylish aftermarket for the bench. Aftermarket belt buckles are smaller, and in chrome look neater when tucked away in the back seat. A few people have asked why Turbo Camaro has two different style buckles and the simple answer is "because it looks great and Turbo Camaro likes to be unique." Three pairs of black seat belts with chrome "airplane" style buckles were installed in the back and a set of original year correct retractables for the front.

On an entirley seperate venture, Turbo Camaro has an infrequent requirement to transport one or two children. The law in British Columbia, Canada is all child seats must be anchored to a rear mount tether, but only if the vehicle was originally equipped with them. It makes sense, but the fine print says your child is more likley to survive in a child seat that is anchored than not. The driver and passenger might not care about their lives while only wearing lap belts, but children don't have a choice and should be given the best chance of survival. Two universal child seat tethering anchors were installed through the rear window package tray and secured to the sturdiest looking area in the trunk. The anchors used
Universal child seat tethering anchor.
 look identical to the one in the picture, but the cheap 1" washer was swapped with 2" wide 1/4" thick fender washers. An additional fender washer was placed under the cardboard package tray, sandwiching the metal tray and ensuring the anchor is invincible. Little black rubber caps were put over the bolt head for style and to prevent a silver dot from reflecting off the inside of the back window. The anchors catch peoples eye all the time and it's surprising how infrequent this modification is done.

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