RetroSound Custom Stereo

The ongoing theme of Turbo Camaro is to add modern components while keeping a classic look. This concept can become a challenge and really test build intentions. Stereo systems can be very important to passengers as they provide entertainment and can set the mood of a drive. That being said, stereo technology has changed since 1967 and a deck from that era wouldn't be acceptable in this car.

A random RetroSound Stereo
The idea of installing a fancy multi-disc bluetooth super stereo in a hidden compartment was explored but didn't meet the "cool factor" criteria. Research pointed out several companies were willing to take a stock stereo and convert it to a digital system, for a fee. The stereo included with this Camaro was a first generation CD player hardly worth turning on; so no stock unit to digitize. Further exploration revealed a stereo manufacturer, Retrosound. They have designed a modular deck with interchangeable kits capable of mimicking the appearance of classic radios, while offering top end modern functionality. That's the kind of tech Turbo Camaro is based on. A Retrosound Model 2B Motor 3 Stereo was ordered but upon receipt their was only time to open the box...

Despite the almost overwhelming number of pieces in the box, the install was completed in a few hours and the results were fantastic...

Several requests were made to make a concise review of the stereo. Many reviews already exist on YouTube but none to date of this specific model installed in a 67' Camaro. Take a look at the review below:

If you're looking for a classic stereo but don't need an original, this is a great option. If you have any questions about it or need help with the install. Send us an email or message on any of the social media outlets.

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