Console Pod

Custom fit 67' Camaro console 4 gauge pod
Gauge technology sure has improved over the years. Vehicle manufactures have come up with clever ways of mounting gauges these days too. Not that there's anything wrong with simple dash clusters or aftermarket pods, but theirs something to be said about smooth built in gauges.

The 67' Camaro had a simple 2 gauge cluster and if you had a center console, you might have been graced with a 3 gauge pod. The console pod was a good idea but not well executed as it looked aftermarket right out of the factory.

Turbo Camaro needed something new but not a far stretch from what the factory offered. It was decided a place for four 52mm gauges was needed. An aftermarket bolt on four gauge pod is available for the 68-69' Camaro, but the 67' wasn't invited to the party. Turbo Camaro couldn't stand it and decided to retrofit the the available pod to fit the 67's console. In the end, everything got cut up and turned out well. A near half hour documentary was filmed covering the planning, execution and outcome. 

Custom 4 gauge pod with AFR, Voltage, Oil Pressure and Vacuum/Boost Gauges installed
Further updates will be posted here once the console is reinstalled and the gauges are functioning.

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